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01 November 2015

Arturo Toscanini / BBC Symphony Orchestra - Elgar. Enigma Variations / Debussy. La Mer - HMV 1935

Sir Edward Elgar:  Variations on an original theme, op.36   ("Enigma")

Claude Debussy:   "La Mer"

BBC Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Arturo Toscanini

HMV  EH 29 1345  1987 DMM.  Recorded: Queen's Hall - 3/12 June 1935.
zip FLAC files  @   http://musicparlourhistorical.blogspot.co.uk
This is the 'final freebie'  
The original intention was to continue free downloads - with some charged-for; with discounts, 'specials', etc,  for those who'd donated - as simply can't otherwise justify continuing this lark - funded solely by my money/effort...and doubt editing LP's has taken less than 2000 hours...

Was alerted to 2 files no longer being available, by someone kind enough to donate.
Then traced many more on the MEGA account that were stored - but the links no longer functioned - have now decided to temporarily remove some other links.
People have freely downloaded many 100,000's files...obtaining superior, uncompromised, LP quality compared to virtually anywhere else...even superior to commercial CD issues.  17 donations.

25 September 2015: -
Tom B.  ...Your own web site has inspired me to start my own American version in the next few years. I'll be focusing on my state side mono recordings on Columbia, RCA, etc, that never saw the light of day on the digital format. Through your site, I've picked up some real gems......
Moi. ......'why bother'...you'll likely get little thanks (?)

08 September 2015

24/96: Eric Coates / New SO - Coates. The Three Elizabeths / Four Centuries - Decca 1953

Eric Coates:  "The Three Elizabeths" - suite  (1944)  
1: Elizabeth Tudor  ~  2: Elizabeth of Glamis  ~  3: Queen Elizabeth - March
24/96 XR FLAC  Fichier Download

Eric Coates:   "Four Centuries" - suite  (1941)
1: Prelude and Hornpipe  ~  2: Pavane and Tambourin  ~  3: Valse  ~  4: Rhythm
24/96 XR FLAC  Fichier Download     
The above: 2 files zip16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
New Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Eric Coates 
Decca  ACL 164  (LK 4056)  1962 pressing/c.1957 matrices: ARL1539/40 -1Dr  Recorded: 3/4 February 1953  - West Hampstead Studios.
Sleeve-note >>>

14 July 2015

24/96: Alfredo Campoli plays... Bruch. Violin Concerto 1 / Lalo. Symphonie espagnole / Saint-Saens. Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso, Havanaise - Decca 1951/1953

Max Bruch: Violin Concerto No.1 in G minor, op.26
I: Vorspiel - Allegro moderato ~ II: Adagio ~ III: Finale - Allegro energico
Alfredo Campoli, violin - New Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Royalton Kisch 
Decca  LXT 2904  (originally LXT 2596)  1957 LP/matrix: ARL809 -4Dr    Recorded. 17 April 1951 - Kingsway Hall
16/44 FLAC  Mega Download               24/96 XR FLAC Mega Download

Edouard LaloSymphonie espagnole, op.21
I: Allegro non troppo ~ II: Scherzando ~ III: Intermezzo ~ IV: Andante
16/44 FLAC  Mega Download               24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download
Alfredo Campoli, violin - London Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Eduard van Beinum    
Decca  ACL 124  (originally LXT 2801)  1961 LP/matrices: ARL 5031 -1A / ARL5032 -1A   Rec. 3-4 March 1953 - Kingsway Hall

Camille Saint-Saens:  Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso, op.28    /   Havanaise, op.83
2 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download            2 files zip 24/96 XR FLAC Mega Download
Alfredo Campoli, violin - London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Anatole Fistoulari  
Decca  ACL 64  (originally LW 5085)   1959 LP/matrix: ARL4524 -2A   Recorded. 10 November 1953 - Kingsway Hall
Arthur Bliss. Concerto / Theme & Cadenza - 1955 >>>    ACL/LXT covers/sleeve-notes >>>   

30 June 2015

24/96: Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt / Hamburg Radio - Dvorak. Symphony 7, Slavonic Dances / Brahms. Hungarian Dances - Decca 1953

Antonin Dvorak:  Symphony no.7 in D minor, op.70
I: Allegro maestoso ~ II: Poco adagio ~ III: Scherzo - Vivace ~ IV: Finale - Allegro  
2 files zip 16/44 FLAC   Mega Download        2 files zip 24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download
Decca  ACL 126  (LXT 2807)  1961 LP/c.1957 matrices: ARL 1590 -1Dr / ARL 1591 -1Dr  

Antonin Dvorak:  Slavonic Dances,
No.1 in C major, op.46  ~  No.2 in E minor, op.46  ~  No.3 in A flat major, op.46  ~  No.16 in A flat major, op.72
16/44 FLAC  Mega Download          24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download
Johannes Brahms:  Hungarian Dances,  
No.1 in G major  ~ No.2 in D minor (arr: A. Hallen)  ~ No.3 in F major   ~   No.5 in G minor (arr: A.Palow)  ~ No.6 in D major (arr: A.Palow)  ~ No.7 in A major (arr: A. Hallen)   ~   No.10 in F major
16/44 FLAC  Mega Download            24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download
Decca  ACL 23  (LXT 2814)  1959 LP/c.1957 matrices: ARL 1593 -2Dr / ARL 1592 -2Dr  
Hamburg Radio Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt    
Recorded: 23-25 March 1953 - Kingsway Hall.    LXT sleeve covers/notes / 1953 RFH Concert reviews >>> 

19 June 2015

24/96: Gaston Poulet / LSO - Albeniz. Iberia / Granados / Falla / Turina - EMI 1954

Isaac Albeniz /orch. Fernandez Arbos:  "Iberia" - suite
1: Evocation ~ 2: El Puerto ~ 3: El Corpos en Sevilla ~ 4: Triana ~ 5: El Albaicin
24/96 XR FLAC Mega Download
Enrique Granados:  "Goyescas" - Intermezzo   
Manuel de Falla:  "La Vida Breve" - Interlude and Danza 
Josquin Turina:  "La Procesion del Rocio", op.9   
3 files zip 24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download
The above: 4 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Gaston Poulet   
EMI Music for Pleasure  MFP 2083  (Parlophone PMC 1006)  1968 LP/matrices: 2XMG47 -3 / 2XMG48 -3    Recorded: 30 June/1 July 1953 - EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road        Not on CD

06 June 2015

24/96: Miklos Rozsa / Frankenland S.O. - Rozsa. Concert Overture, 3 Hungarian Sketches, Theme, Variations & Finale - MCA 1957

Miklos Rozsa:
Overture to a Symphony Concert, op.26        24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download
Three Hungarian Sketches, op.14          24/96 XR FLAC   Mega Download DONATE
Theme, Variations & Finale, op.13           24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download DONATE
3 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download DONATE
Frankenland Symphony Orchestra (Nuremberg)  conducted by  The Composer   
Varese-Sarabande  VC 81058  (US Decca  DL-9966)  1978 US LP.   Recorded: 1957  
Don't have the accompanying 'film score' release; too mean to spend £10 on eBay.  This LP sounds better than the UK RCA Gold Seal reissue of his 1966 Italian recordings (originally LSC 2802) ..the performances also appear superior...     Not on CD.     Sleeve-note + RCA sleeve-note >>>
This apparently had a dreadful, faked, French CD dubbing a few years back (also on Naxos, with the other one) filmscoremonthly

01 June 2015

24/96: Sir Malcolm Sargent / London Symphony Orchestra - Holst. The Planets - Decca 1954

Gustav Holst: "The Planets" suite, op.32
1: Mars, the Bringer of War ~ 2: Venus, the Bringer of Peace ~ 3: Mercury, the Winged Messenger      //    
4: Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity ~ 5: Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age ~ 6: Uranus, the Magician ~ 7: Neptune, the Mystic.
2 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
24/96 XR FLAC side 1  Mega Download        side 2  Mega Download
BBC Womens Chorus  - London Symphony Orchestra   conducted by   Sir Malcolm Sargent 
Decca  ACL 26
 (LXT 2871)    1960 pressing, c.1958 matrices: ARL2067 -1Dr / ARL2068 -1Dr.    Recorded: 17/20-21 May 1954 - Kingsway Hall.   
Minimal de-click ('1.2')  + very slight treble increase to help compensate for any loss of 'air'. 
The original -1A matrices (used until 1957/8) have less clarity/cleanliness.  Lovely performance.    Not on CD        Sleeve-note >>>

23 April 2015

24/48: Sir Thomas Beecham / Royal Philharmonic - Dvorak. Symphony 8 / Wagner. Die Meistersinger - BBC 1959

Antonin Dvorak:  Symphony no.8 (4) in G major, op.88  
I: Allegro con brio ~ II: Adagio ~ III: Allegretto grazioso ~ IV: Allegro ma non troppo
16/44 FLAC  Mega Download           24/48 XR FLAC  Mega Download

Richard Wagner: "Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg",  Act.1 - prelude
16/44 FLAC  Mega Download          24/48 XR FLAC  Mega Download
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Thomas Beecham       
HMV  ALP 2003   1963 First edition.   Matrices: 2XEA 2233 -1N / 2XEA 2234 -2N  
Live:  25 October 1959 - Royal Festival Hall  / 4 November 1959 - BBC Home Service concert (BBC Maida Vale Studios)?
From Sir Richard Attenborough's collection.   24/96 transfers.    2004 MusicWeb CD review >>>      Sleeve-note / EMG review >>>  

13 February 2015


I HAD A STROKE SUNDAY MORNING (8TH FEBRUARY) despite being 100% fit beforehand.....paralyzed lh side..am in Hospital...

....now almost there...

11 January 2015

Wilhelm Furtwangler / Wiener Philharmoniker - Mozart. Don Giovanni. Salzburg Festival - ORF/EMI 1954

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:  "Don Giovanni"   Dramma giocoso in due atti, K.527
Don Giovanni.......................... Cesare Siepi  (Bass)  
Donna Elvira.......................... Elisabeth Schwarzkopf  (Soprano) 
Don Ottavio.......................... Anton Dermota  (Tenor)
Leporello.......................... Otto Edelmann  (Bass)
Masetto.......................... Walter Berry  (Bass Baritone)
Donna Anna.......................... Elisabeth Grummer  (Soprano)
Commendatore.......................... Dezso Ernster  (Bass) **
Zerlina.......................... Erna Berger  (Soprano)
Vienna State Opera Chorus, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra   conducted by   Wilhelm Furtwangler 
Overture, Act One:  3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download         Act Two:  3 files zip FLAC   Mega Download DONATE
EMI  EX 153 290667 3  (1986: DMM Germany, 3LP)   Live: 3 August 1954 - Felsenreitschule, Salzburg. [** Raffaele Arie (Bass): final scene from: Salzburg Festival - 27 July 1953]  
Previously unplayed LP set.  Files transferred 24/96 - but probably 16 bit digital mastered LP's; hence presented as such...   EMI's CD's now OOP
1936 Fritz Busch - Glyndebourne >>>       Booklet commentary >>>

02 January 2015

24/96: Roger Desormiere / Paris Conservatoire - Les Sylphides / Sleeping Beauty - Decca 1950/1

Frederic Chopin / Orchestrated by Alexander Gretchaninov:  "Les Sylphides" -  Ballet  (arr: Desormiere)
Nocturne (op.32/2) ~ Valse (op.70/1 ~ Mazurka (op.33/2) ~ Mazurka (op.67/3) ~ Prelude (op.28/7) ~ Valse (op.64/2) ~ Grande Valse Brillante (op.18)
24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download

Peter Tchaikovsky:  "The Sleeping Beauty", op.66  - Suite:  Introduction (Prologue) ~ Finale, Act.1 (The Lilac Fairy) ~ Pas d'action, Act.2 ~ Pas de caractere (Puss in Boots & the White Cat), Act.3 ~ Panorama, Act.2 ~ Valse, Act.3
Both as: 2 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
L'Orchestre de la Societe des Concerts du Conservatoire de Paris  conducted by  Roger Desormiere    
Decca  ACL 8  1959 pressing/matrices: ARL1799 -1Hr / ARL899 -3Er   Rec: 22 February 1950 / 15-20 June 1951 - La Maison de la Mutualite, Paris
Originally: LM4511 / LXT2610    Tchaikovsky: Sept.2010  files re-edited May 2012   Les Sylphides... Not on CD

17 December 2014

24/96: Suzanne Danco sings... Schumann. Liederkreis ... Faure. Bonne Chanson ... Ravel. Sheherazade, Poemes de Stephane Mallarme, Melodies hebraiques - Decca 1953/1955

Robert Schumann:  "Liederkreis", op.39       /       Gabriel Faure:  "La Bonne Chanson", Op.61 **
2 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download              2 files zip 24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download         Suzanne Danco, Soprano - with  Guido Agosti, piano  

Maurice Ravel:  "Sheherazade"  /  "Trois Poemes de Stephane Mallarme" ** /  "Deux Melodies hebraiques
3 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download              3 files zip 24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download         Suzanne Danco - Suisse Romande Orchestra  conducted by  Ernest Ansermet
Decca  LX 3107  10" 1953 LP/matrices: DRL1209 -2A / DRL1210 -2A    /    Decca  ECS 816  STEREO (electronic **)  1978 LP/matrices: EAL12707 -1G / EAL12708 -1G
Recorded: 8/9 April 1952  &  Oct./Nov.1954 - Victoria Hall, Geneva    (The 1952 recordings were re-issued 1957 as Decca/London LL 1324  - no LXT release)
The Mallarme + Faure are single-channel from the electronic-stereo. LX 3107 additionally auto-de-clicked after vast effort (the surfaces, whilst appearing mint, were stunningly noisy due to inferior matrix processing). Liederkreis now only has slight 'hash' at the end/s (and sounds superior to Mr Pristine's effort !! mp3 sample - second part is Liederkreis)
Liederkreis: Not on CD   Two Hebrew Melodies: Not on CD as stereo (stereo tape has also now kopped-it?).  
May make another transfer of Sheherazade as this side was slightly prone, early-on, to Decca's pressing 'blips'; as usual more evident via Foobar than whilst editing with Audacity. 
EMG reviews / Sleeve-notes / "The Times" - obituary 2000 >>>

11 December 2014

24/96: Otto Klemperer / Philharmonia - Beethoven. Overtures: Fidelio ~ Leonore 1-3 - Columbia 1955

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Side One:   "Leonore" - Overture, no.1, op.138   
"Leonore" - Overture, no.2, op.72a/1               2 files zip 24/96 XR FLAC   Mega Download
Side Two:   "Fidelio" - Overture, op.72b   
"Leonore" - Overture, no.3, op.72a/2               2 files zip 24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download
The above: 4 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
The Philharmonia Orchestra  conducted by  Otto Klemperer    
Columbia  33CX 1270   1960 pressing/1955 matrices: XAX673 -2N / XAX674 -1N     Recorded: November 1954 - Kingsway Hall   
Side 1 is a remarkably fine transfer - slightly superior to side 2      EMG review / Sleeve-note  >>>

01 November 2014

24/96: Clemens Krauss / Vienna Philharmonic - Richard Strauss. Don Juan / Till Eulenspiegel - Decca 1950

Richard Strauss:  "Till Eulenspiegel's Lustige Streiche", op.28
24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download
Richard Strauss:   "Don Juan", op.20    
24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Downlod
The above: 2 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download  
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Clemens Krauss 
Decca  ACL 16  (LXT 2549) 1959 pressing/c.1958 matrices: ARL 409 -7Dr / ARL 410 -7Dr   Recorded: 16 June 1950 - Musikvereinsaal, Vienna.
The original LXT transfer is very nice ('creamy') - but this has more clarity, albeit slightly overbright (a c.1955 transfer is in-between) and without some noticeable 'hum'.     2011 RMCR Chit-chat re Rose's version      LXT 2549 sleeve-note   >>>  

25 October 2014

24/96: Ernest Ansermet / Paris Conservatoire - Prokofiev. Symphony 1 ~ Glinka ~ Borodin ~ Mussorgsky - Decca 1953

Serge Prokofiev:  Symphony no.1 in D major, op.25  ("Classical")
I: Allegro con brio  ~  II: Larghetto  ~  III: Gavotte  ~  IV: Allegro vivace  
Mikhail Glinka:  "Russlan & Ludmilla" - overture  
Alexander Borodin:  "On the Steppes of Central Asia" 
Modest Mussorgsky:  "Night on the Bare Mountain" (arr: Rimsky-Korsakov)  
4 files zip 16/44  FLAC   Mega Download
4 files zip  24/96  XR FLAC   Mega Download
L'Orchestre de la Societe des Concerts du Conservatoire de Paris  conducted by  Ernest Ansermet 
Decca  ACL 123  (LXT 2833)  1967 pressing / 1961 matrices: ARL1760 -1Lr / ARL1761 -1Nr 
Recorded: 15-19 / 22-25 June 1953 - La Maison de la Mutualite, Paris
Presumably this was recorded with an EMI tape-recorder - as the frequency-range extends to almost 30kHz - thus the 24/96 files are rather superior (and 4x larger).
Difficult surfaces to edit 'to near-perfection' (which, of course, you require)      ACL 123 sleeve / LXT 2833 sleeve-note >>>

03 October 2014

24/96: Rudolf Kempe / Royal Philharmonic - Dvorak. Symphony 9 - Readers Digest 1963

Antonin Dvorak:  Symphony no.9 in E minor, op.95

I: Adagio - Allegro molto  ~   II:  Largo 
III: Scherzo (Molto vivace)  ~   IV: Allegro con fuoco
2 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
2 files zip 24/96 XR FLAC **  Fichier Download
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Rudolf Kempe  
Readers Digest  RDS502 (12LP) STEREO  Matrices: 1G/1G. Rec: 5-6 May 1963 - Walthamstow Assembly Hall

The Dvorak is less Frenetic than other RPO performances in the 'Treasury' box: which appear to be mastered at very high levels..
**Uploaded 15Sept2015 - and Fichier files are only guaranteed for 60 days after last download.....

23 September 2014

24/96: Oskar Danon / Royal Philharmonic - Rimsky-Korsakov ~ Saint-Saens ~ Dvorak ~ Smetana ~ Enescu ~ Stravinsky ~ Prokofiev - Readers Digest 1962/3

Rimsky-Korsakov:  Capriccio Espagnol
Rimsky-Korsakov:  Le Coq d'Or - March    
Saint-Saens:  Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso, op.28*   
Dvorak:  The Golden Spinning-Wheel, op.109      
Smetana:  The Bartered Bride - overture      
Enescu:  Roumanian Rhapsody No.1 in A, op.11/1    
6 files zip 24/96 XR FLAC ** Fichier Download
Stravinsky:  Petrouchka   24/96 XR FLAC  Side One: Mega Download    Side Two: Mega Download    
Prokofiev:  The Love For Three Oranges - suite, op.33a   24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download
*Raymond Cohen, violin - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Oskar Danon     
Readers Digest  STEREO  RDS632 10LP(1968)... RDS509 8LP(1966)... RDS502 12LP(1963)
Decca pressings/matrices: 2K..1K/2K/3K..1G/1G   Recorded: 11-16 February 1962 // 10-11 December 1962 & 29 April 1963 - Walthamstow Assembly Hall.
* Rene Leibowitz  stated on label/sleeve + it appears Danon also conducted Weber's 'Oberon' overture.. Some of these  Not on CD
**Uploaded 15Sept2015 - and Fichier files are only guaranteed for 60 days after last download.....

02 August 2014

Hamburger Telemann-Gesellschaft - Couperin. Concert royal 3 / Leclair. Sonata 8 / Boismortier. Trio -&- Concerto - Archiv 1960

Francois Couperin:  Troisieme Concert royal in A major
Jean Marie Leclair:  Sonata no.8 in D major  
Joseph Boismortier:  Trio, op.50/6 in D major    /    Concerto, op.37 in E minor   
4 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
Camerata Instrumentale der Hamburger Telemann-Gesellschaft  
(Burghard Schaeffer, flute - Hermann Tottcher, oboe - Thomas Brandis, violin - Fritz Henker, bassoon - Josef Ulsamer -&- Heinrich Haferland, viola da gamba's - Edwin Koch, 'cello - Karl Grebe, harpsichord )
DGG Archive  SAPM 198 031  STEREO  Original 1960 pressing / December 1959 matrices  
24/96  files.. Pretty good sound/transfer for such an early DGG Stereo. Side 2 dubbed @ +2dB compared to side 1.   The Zip Folder also includes: Eng/Ger/Fr/Sp sleeve-notes + Insert card.      Not on CD      EMG review >>>

08 July 2014

Carl Garaguly / Tivolis Koncertsals Symphoniorkester - Nielsen. Symphony 2 / Little Suite - Fona 1963

Carl Nielsen:
Symphony no.2, op.16  "The Four Temperaments"  
I: Allegro collerico  ~  II: Allegro comodo e flemmatico  ~  III: Andante malinconico  ~  IV: Allegro sanguino
FLAC  Mega Download
Little Suite for string orchestra, op.1   
Prelude: Andante con moto  ~  Intermezzo: Allegro moderato  ~  Finale: Andante con moto - Piu mosso
FLAC  Mega Download  
Tivoli Concert Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Carl Garaguly 
Vox / Turnabout  TVS 34049   STEREO  1968 Decca release. Matrices: S 2683 -1L / S 2684 -1L
Cleaner tape-to-disc transfer than the US Vox versions - though the recording is somewhat bright (so have marginally treble-enhanced the Suite) but which now sounds excellent and exciting; as also is the performance/orchestra... Recorded: c.1960 ?    Not on CD    Sleeve-note >>>

05 June 2014

Richard Rodgers. Victory at Sea - RCA Victor Orchestra / Robert Russell Bennett - RCA 1959

Richard Rodgers (arr. Robert Russell Bennett):
"Victory at Sea"     
Orchestral Suite from the NBC Television Production  
Side One:  The Song of the High Seas  ~ The Pacific Boils Over  ~ Guadalcanal (March)  ~ D-Day  ~ Hard Work and Horse-Play
Side Two:  Theme of the Fast Carriers  ~ Beneath the Southern Cross  ~ Mare Nostrum  ~ Victory at Sea
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
The RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Robert Russell Bennett   
RCA  SF 5092  STEREO   Original 1960 Decca LP - Matrices: K2RY1076 -1D / K2RY1077 -1D        Sleeve-note >>> 

03 June 2014

Dmitri Shostakovich plays... Shostakovich. Piano Concertos 1 & 2 (French National / Cluytens) & 3 Fantastic Dances - EMI 1958

Dmitri Shostakovich:
Piano Concerto no.1 in C major for Piano, Trumpet & Strings, op.35  
Piano Concerto no.2 in F major, op.102    
Three Fantastic Dances, op.5    
3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Dmitri Shostakovich, piano - Ludovic Vaillant, trumpet - French National Radio Orchestra  conducted by  Andre Cluytens      
EMI/World Records  SH 293   1979 LP (first UK release)  Matrices: XLX 779 -2 / XLX 778 -2.
Recorded 24-26/30 May / 12 September 1958 - Salle Wagram, Paris  (mono only)
Transfer level is slightly lower than normal (although the recorder peaked @ 0dB) - and the LP sound wasn't exactly 'master-tape'; also with some tape compression/modulation..     Sleeve-note / 1962 EMG review >>>

10 May 2014

The Busch String Quartet: Beethoven Late String Quartets: "The Case of The Missing Frequencies"..(and The Stolen Scan)...and My Files..???

Some of you may recall (long ago) that Andrew Rose stated my transfer of the BBC Radio 3
RPO-Sargent -Vaughan Williams Sym.9  only went up to 'about 13kHz' - when it demonstrably went to the cut-off frequency of 15kHz (graph to prove it..).

Now, if you have nothing better to spend your money on, you can give him up to FORTY QUID for his copy of, presumably, most of the 1985 Beethoven: Busch Quartet LP box-set (he states the pressings were German - so one must **assume they weren't the previous World Records release: and, by 1985, it's possible/likely they were 'Digital Remastered' - those being 'DMM' pressed).
(**If they were a previous EMI Electrola release then, typically, they would be filtered more than the EMI Hayes masterings)

Mr Pristine's Newletter - link

PS: The Black & White photo of the Busch Quartet in his Newsletter has been copied from MY 2012 SCAN from the Booklet
Maybe he stole my files too ???!!!!

He's claiming these 'stunning' transfers of his (his? - he's merely copied someone else's efforts) go up to 18-19kHz...with a vague claim that some 'azimuth error' correction has 'revealed' those frequencies..

And this from the Comedian who noise-reduces (resolution-reduces- then Treble-Boosts) everything in sight!

So here's a Competition for any MUGS who buy them: FIND THOSE EHF FREQUENCIES - as most files were cut-off/limited by Anthony Griffith / Keith Hardwick's transfers to about 9kHz at best - and only (SIDE GRAPH >>>) did I (quickly) find one above that: the last Qt from 1933 - on an energetic chord...and the PU Cartridges I used were CD-4 compatible - thus will trace frequencies @ nearly 4 times that c.10.6kHz level.

My (free...) 2012 transfers of all the 1985 EMI Germany DMM box-set SQ recordings + CBS op.130 @

Of course..there are plenty of CRETINS around: Here's one:
Ha Ha Ha   " The GROC transfers from EMI were not bad, but  Andrew Rose's are better, with more “air” around the slightly warmer sound. It is excellent to have these really great performances from the 1930s (with a couple of early 1940s) in the best possible transfers".

So there you have it:
 'best possible' means 'reduced resolution and boosted treble'.
No need for me to bother, is there??



<<< The Adulatory "Fanfare" puff duly appeared!

16 April 2014

Louis de Froment conducts... Mozart. Clarinet Concerto -&- Sinfonia Concertante - Lancelot, Pierlot, Coursier, Hongne - L'Oiseau-Lyre 1953

Concerto in A major for Clarinet & Orchestra, K.622   Allegro  ~  Adagio  ~  Rondo     (Jacques Lancelot, clarinet)
Sinfonia Concertante in E flat major, K.297b    Allegro  ~  Adagio  ~  Andantino con variazioni    
(Pierre Pierlot, oboe  - Jacques Lancelot, clarinet  - Gilbert Coursier, horn  - Paul Hongne, bassoon) 
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
L'Ensemble Orchestral de L'Oiseau-Lyre  conducted by  Louis de Froment  
L'Oiseau-Lyre  OL 50006  
 First Edition 1953 LP/matrices: TT139 -1B / TT140 -1B    Recorded c.1952 - Paris. 
This required lengthy editing (surfaces were full of huge clicks/pops) + slightly de-clicked @ 1.3 + re-equalized (some 'edits' audible in the Clarinet C.).  
Performances are superb.   Not on CD    Sleeve-note / EMG review  >>>

10 April 2014

Jeanne Demessieux plays... Cesar Franck. Trois Chorals, Trois pieces, Six pieces - Decca 1959

Vol.1:  Trois pieces:  (1878)   -  Fantasie in A major    /    Cantabile    /    Piece Heroique       //       Choral no.1 in E major  (1890)
4 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Vol.2: Choral no.2 in B minor  (1890)  //   Six pieces:  (1860-1862)  -  Fantasie in C major, op.16  /   Grande piece Symphonique, op.17  
3 files zip FLAC   Mega Download 
Vol.3: Choral no.3 in A minor  (1890)   //   Six pieces: (1860-1862)  - Priere, op.20  /  Prelude, Fugue et Variation, op.18  /  Pastorale, op.19  /  Final, op.21      
5 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Cavaille-Coll organ  (1845)  at  L’Eglise de La Madeleine, Paris  - Jeanne Demessieux, organist  
Decca  SDD 202-204   STEREO    Recorded: 1959 - UK issued: 1969 - 1972 pressings/matrices: ZAL 8792-8797 -1K/-1K/-1K/-1K/-1K/-2K 
New discs with minimal de-click  plus slight treble enhancement .   Sleeve-notes + EMG review / SRG Vol.7 review >>>

05 April 2014

24/96: Robert Irving / LSO - Massenet. Le Cid -&- Meyerbeer. Les Patineurs - Decca 1952

Jules Massenet:  "Le Cid" - Ballet Music
(Castillane ~ Andalouse ~ Aragonaise ~ Aubade ~ Catalane ~ Madrilene ~ Navaraisse)    
24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download
Giacomo Meyerbeer (arr: Constant Lambert):  "Les Patineurs" - Ballet  
(Entree ~ Pas seul ~ Pas de deux ~ Ensemble ~ Pas de trois ~ Duet ~ Pas des patineurs ~ Finale)   
24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download
The above: 2 files 16/44 zip FLAC  Mega Download
London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Robert Irving  
Decca  ACL 72  (originally LXT 2746)   c.1961/2 pressing. 1959 matrices: ARL 4522 -1A / ARL 4523 -2A   Rec: 14-16 July 1952 - Kingsway Hall      
A 1950's 'demonstration LP'. Whilst the original pressing was good for its time, this 1959 reissue is superior in clarity/detail.       Not on CD         LXT 2746 sleeve-note >>>

23 March 2014

Karl Haas / London Baroque - Dvorak. Wind Serenade / Gounod. Petite Symphonie - Parlophone 1951/1953

Antonin Dvorak:  Serenade in D minor, op.44    I: March  ~  II: Minuet and Trio  ~  III: Adagio  ~  IV: Finale (Rondo)          
(Sidney Sutcliffe / Natalie James, oboes - Jack Brymer / Basil Tchaikov, clarinets - Dennis Brain / Neill Sanders / Ian Beers, horns -
Cecil James / Edward Wilson / Peter Parry, bassoons - John Shinebourne, 'cello - James Merrett, double-bass)

Charles Gounod:  Petite Symphonie     I: Adagio et allegretto  ~  II: Andante cantabile  ~  III: Scherzo (Allegro moderato)  ~  IV: Finale (Allegretto)          
(Gareth Morris, flute - Sidney Sutcliffe / Natalie James, oboes - Jack Brymer / Gervase de Peyer, clarinets - Dennis Brain / Neill Sanders, horns - Cecil James / Peter Parry, bassoons)
2 files zip16/44 FLAC   Mega Download
The London Baroque Ensemble  conducted by  Karl Haas    
HMV  XLP 30011  1963 LP/matrices: 2XEA2281 -1N / 2XEA2282 -3N   Recorded: 6/7 Dec.1951 & 24 Dec.(Nov.?)1953.
24/96 files -  now 16/44 only...  The Gounod is a first issue and  Not on CD.    Sleeve-note / EMG review >>>

19 March 2014

Aeolian String Quartet / Leonard Cassini play... Elgar. Piano Quintet / Bax. Legend - Delta/Revolution 1963

Sir Edward ElgarPiano Quintet in A minor, op.84
I: Moderato - Allegro  ~  II: Adagio  ~  III: Moderato - Allegro       
Sir Arnold Bax:  Legend, for Viola and Piano             
2 files zip FLAC   Mega Download
The Aeolian String Quartet  with  Leonard Cassini,  piano  
(Sydney Humphreys  &  Raymond Keenlyside, violins - Watson Forbes, viola - Derek Simpson, 'cello)
Revolution  RCB 8   STEREO  1970 CBS UK pressing/matrices: REVB 8x -3E / REVB 8y -2E.  Originally: mono Delta  DEL 12024      Not on CD
Slight de-click (1.4) + slight treble enhancement.  The sound is very 'dead' and rather 'smoothed' - not to the standard of the RVW/Elgar.  
The performance of the Quintet is mostly quite gentle/subdued...the Bax(music) is pretty ghastly!!    Sleeve-note / EMG review >>>

16 March 2014

John Shirley-Quirk sings... Vaughan Williams. Songs of Travel, etc + Ireland / Stanford / Keel / Warlock - Saga 1962

Ralph Vaughan Williams:  Songs of Travel
(The Vagabond - Let Beauty Awake - The Roadside Fire - Youth and Love - In Dreams - The Infinite Shining Heaven - Wither must I wander -
Bright is the King of Words - I have trod the upward and downward slope)

Ralph Vaughan Williams:  Linden Lea  ~  Silent Noon  ~  John Ireland:  Sea Fever
Charles Villiers Stanford:  Drake's Drum  ~  The Old Superb  ~  Frederick Keel:  Trade Winds  ~   Peter Warlock:  Captain Stratton's Fancy
3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download     
John Shirley-Quirk, Baritone  &  Viola Tunnard, piano   
SAGA  XID 5211  c.1964 pressing - original XIP 7011 matrices.  Recorded: c.1962 - SAGA Studio, Maresfield Gardens, London.
October 2015: Files now lightly declicked ('1.3') with additional treble.     Sleeve-note >>>

12 March 2014

24/96: Aeolian String Quartet play... Elgar. Quartet -&- Vaughan Williams. Quartet 1 - Delta/Summit 1963

Sir Edward Elgar:  String Quartet in E minor, op.83
I: Allegro moderato  ~  II: Piacevole (Poco andante)  ~  III: Finale (Allegro molto)   
16/44 FLAC  Mega Download              24/96 XR FLAC **  Fichier Download

Ralph Vaughan Williams:  String Quartet no.1 in G minor
I: Allegro moderato  ~  II: Minuet and Trio  ~  III: Romance (Andante sostenuto)  ~  IV: Finale (Rondo capriccioso)  
16/44 FLAC  Mega Download              24/96 XR FLAC **  Fichier Download
The Aeolian String Quartet      (Sydney Humphreys  &  Raymond Keenlyside, violins - Watson Forbes, viola - Derek Simpson, 'cello)    
Summit  TLS 6052   STEREO   Scarce c.1966 LP. Originally: mono Delta  DEL 12025; only the RVW reissued c.1970 (Revolution RCB 20).    
The 1933 Stratton Qt version of Elgar St.Qt. is on  HISTORICAL          Not on CD         Sleeve-note >>>    
**Uploaded 15Sept2015 - and Fichier files are only guaranteed for 60 days after last download.....

07 March 2014

Khachaturian. Piano Concerto - Peter Katin / LSO / Hugo Rignold - Everest 1960

Aram Khachaturian:  Piano Concerto, in D flat
I: Allegro maestoso  ~  II: Andante con anima  ~  II: Allegro brillante   
Peter Katin, piano  - London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Hugo Rignold 
2 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download   
Concert Hall  SMSC 2534  (originally: Everest SDBR 3055)  1969 Philips UK pressing/Turicaphon Swiss matrices.  
Recorded: 10 November 1959 - Walthamstow Assembly Hall
24/96 files - now 16/44 only...This scintillating performance (the piano has extra percussive clarity as its lid was removed..) is recently mentioned by Christopher Howell...But this isn't the rubbish Khachaturian transfer alluded to..  The tape-to-disc sound is very good and seems to be a slightly better transfer than the earlier EMI mastered WRC issue    Sleeve-note >>>